We had a hands-on experience in creating a website this semester. As a digital media student, I’d already been familiar with coding for the web, but never really had the chance to take on a project myself. WordPress has been a great help in setting up Liberty Square Wifi. I’ve learned so much through this project online alone. Sites like Codecademy and Lynda have been a great help to me as I’ve been learning news skills through the course of this semester that I’ll be able to apply in my career.

The most interesting part of this semester was being able to talk and learn from people in Liberty Square and in Miami Northwestern Senior High. Hearing their point of view was eye opening and I’d love to do this kind of work in the future. We could not have accomplished this without their feedback.

-Sarah Knapp

As a student in the digital age, I believe digital literacy to be of the utmost importance — as is open access to the internet — so finding out that I would be helping other students have easier access to the internet was fulfilling. I was part of the webpage team and worked on the visual aspects of the site; such as, designing the logo, taking photos of Liberty Square’s community center, and helping with choosing a theme and layout. Being a part of the Liberty Square Wifi team was a great experience — I believe we all came together, each using our best skills, to put together something valuable for the Liberty Square community.

– Juliette Amador

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