Over the course of this semester, the video production team has encountered and learned a substantial amount of information while working on this project. We have not only learned about Liberty Square, but also Liberty City as an entirety; including its early foundation and demographics of individuals living there, to its reputation and citizens. We’ve learned that low-income areas have limited Internet and Wi-Fi access. Implementing a community Wi-Fi is easier said than done. We have also learned that the Liberty City Community Center played a major role in this project as it continues to try and provide for its local citizens; seeking that all individuals should have internet access and Wi-Fi capability in this day and age.

Liberty Square has made a tremendous impact on our team and we are now able to understand the background and history of this marginalized community. For many us, Liberty Square is a place that we have never or barely encountered in depth. We soon learned that this largely populated community is living in our “backyard” without a major necessity such as Wi-Fi. Our participation in the Wi-Fi Initiative allowed us to enter into this community and be that documentation for change in connectivity taking place in Liberty Square, as we created and produced videos.

The greatest rewards were actually being able to get the ball rolling, having the green light from the people we had to interview and from the people from northwestern. Other great regards were actually seeing the end product after the countless re-edit and reshoot and reschedule. The one shoot that really brought us together was probably the MLK shoot since we had to get out of our comfort zone and attack the shoot in a social environment by ourselves in a community that none of us are familiar with. . The greatest reward of it all is probably seeing the great impact our work will have on the community. By far greatest frustration is being able to get the whole team together to get it done. Having to constantly re edit, reshoot and reschedule. Friday morning class is also a partial frustration but we got use to it.

The production would like to be updated on the progress of the community Wi-Fi in Liberty square, it is a project that has truly affected the way we think about underserved communities and the challenges they face. It would be very beneficial for other FIU students to work on growing the network, updating the website, getting the community involved, having lectures and tracking usage data to see areas where the connection could be weak and what affect the network has on the community. As for the residents of Liberty Square, it would be highly beneficial for members of the community to take an active role in maintaining the network through a digital stewardship program.  The Wi-Fi could inspires students to follow careers in the technology field as well as give them hands on experience on a topic they might know very little about.  The project has certainly impacted our lives and could do the same with others

– The Video Production Team

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